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Degriefing is a holistic approach to healing grief-related pain. It combines effective verbal counseling therapies with individualized physical care. The techniques used in the Degriefing Process are intended to ease a person’s emotional distress, mental anguish and physical discomforts. Treatments are tailored for each person’s age, condition and cultural background. http://www.degriefing.com/events.html Advertisements

Sacred Crossings of Los Angeles

This is my friend Olivia. She is the ONLY home funeral mid-wife in Los Angeles, if you can believe that! She’s made a great video for her services. Please take the time to check it out.  Thanks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2jK_WgKV-w

Ben's Bells Project

This was started as a way to channel grief. A very interesting story and lovely chimes! http://www.bensbells.org/

Home Funeral Workshop in Kenmore Washington Jan 22

http://www.asacredmoment.com/workshops/ A generation ago, baby boomers brought back home births. Recent decades have seen a resurgence in families providing end-of-life care to loved ones through home hospice. As a natural extension, upon the death of a loved one more families are choosing to care for the body in the home which is called a home … Continue reading

NY Times Article – Cyberspace when you're Dead

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2006. In 2005, I was preparing to write my thesis and my proposal was to write it on Memorializing on the Web. The head of the department thought I was nuts. I went on to create RememberWell.net which I launched in 2006. Guess I was ahead of my time … Continue reading

A Lovely Tribute to Stephen Bruton

Here is a really nice tribute of the late Stephen Bruton 7830161

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Consciously dying, consciously preparing for the end….kinda Buddhist.

LeaveLight is a Bay Area organization that helps you or a loved on prepare for your final days. Group workshops and support offered.

Having a Home Funeral

Well, they make this sound so matter-of-fact. The method is right but it’s a lot more involved than this.

Medicare and End-of-life Planning

Boy do hospitals and insurance companies love this NEWS. The Obama administration caved on the Medicare regulation so that Medicare won’t have to cover discussing end-of-life planning with your doctor. Essentially, that will leave the families of the dying saddled with making all decisions when they are living through a time of crisis causing further … Continue reading